14 Day Money Back Guarantee


Each membership includes 14 days from the date of RECEIPT OF HOTSPOT to test out the device and service at no risk. If the device or service does not meet your expectations and you would like a full refund for both the One-Time Membership Fee and the First Month’s Membership Pre-Payment, the device must be shipped back within 14 days from the date at which you received it. Devices returned after this period will not be entitled to a refund for either the One-Time Membership Fee or any Monthly Membership Prepayments.


All devices are the property of SkyMobile Internet and need to be returned in order to cancel a subscription.

Cancellation of any subscription can only take place when the device has been returned to SkyMobile Internet and associated tracking information states that the unit has been received by SkyMobile Internet.

Devices are required to be returned in the manner that they were shipped. Please note that no modifications should be made to the device–this includes the addition of any adhesive or tape.

Devices that are not returned or are returned in an unsatisfactory manner will be subject to a device replacement fee of $150 for Gli.net/MF-923 Hotspots and $300 for Nighthawk M1 Routers.

You will receive a full refund for your hardware and subscription when the device is returned within your 14-day money-back guarantee. Once the tracking information states the hardware has been received by SkyMobile Internet, please allow SkyMobile Internet 12-14 business days to process, inspect and test the unit. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process before the initiation of the refund.